Thursday, June 11, 2009

Axel News

I am one chapter and an epilogue away from finishing Axel's Obsession! It's going even better than I planned. I don't know how that happened, but hey, I'm not complaining. It is taking me longer than usual for me to finish it up because I've been sick a lot with morning sickness, only, it's the all day kind. Around noon, I have to go down for a nap because I hate having a stomach ache and well, that's when I get them. Anyway, I'm sure you don't really care about my stomach issues, but I just wanted to jump on here and let you know that Axel is close! So close. I'm already planning Luke and Sarah's story. I can't wait to tell it. I haven't decided yet just how its going to end, but I know how it begins, and oh boy is it juicy! Stay tuned....

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