Saturday, May 9, 2009

Axel, Ivory and The Distance

I finished up chapter seven of Axel's Obsession yesterday morning and happy to report I like where it's going. Now they have an excuse to leave the plantation home for three days straight! Oh, the joys of all the things I can do with that. Also, Axel is starting to suspect things aren't waht they seem and they haven't been for years. I've also introduced Shooter, who of course, will get his story as well.

As far as The Distance, I finished up the first new chapter this evening and I think it fits well with the story. It's kind of a funny meet-cute, and definitely has potential. Now I can actually work in the first date before the big blow out. I just hope Champagne likes it.

Also, got hte cover for Ivory's Addiction. Since it hasnt' been finalized, I'm not going to post it, but let me say this, it's HOT! I love it. I think the artist did a wondeful job of capturing the characters and their personalities just right. I hope it intrigues everyone as it does me. I can't stop looking at it, though, that could have something to do with my name being at the bottom.

Anyhow, that is all that I have to report. I was once again lured outdoors today for longer than I would have like, but tomorrow morning, over coffee, Axel and Jolene finally get the sex-a-thon I promised them. Hope it's as hot as I want it to be! Singe your brow scorching.