Friday, March 20, 2009

I guess I should introduce myself :)

I am an aspiring romance author, and for those of you who have ever wanted to publish something or currently do have a published piece of work, then you know what I'm going through! Whew. It's a brutal prospect.

Currently I am waiting to hear back from Wild Rose Press about my WIP The Distance. It's a single title romance that follows the sometimes funny, laughable, tragic story of my heroine and hero, Tristan and Philly as they fight to overcome lifes obstacles.

I love cats. I have three at the moment, and the other night I dreamt I owned ten! lol...seriously, my house would smell if I did. Pixie, my oldest silver tabby cat is a very mean kitty. She hates Pumpkin, the newest addition, stands sentinel over the food and water bowl. I have to sit with Pumpkin while she eats, so Pixie won't do a hit and swat on her way past, scaring baby Pumpkin off. Snickers is my middle kitty. She's just laid back and a daddy's girl. She loves my husband, sean.

Sean of course, my very handsome, inspiration for my heroes soldier husband, is a miracle. I love him Period.

Now, back to me. I'm young, only 24, but have been writing for quite a while. I have only begun seriously writing for about two months. New Years Reso, but I feel it's going somewhere. Hey, I've already got a request for a partial on my first try! Anyhow, I have a tendency to airheaded at times, I make up my own words and will tell in detail something silly my cats or gerbils have done.

Lastly, Just want to get the word out there. I'm new to blogging on a daily basis, and forgive me if I don't keep up. The characters running around in my head want names and happy endings, and I as the author, must oblige.