Thursday, May 21, 2009

I sit here alone tonight

As I sit here alone tonight as my hubby is out with his guy friends celebrating a troops 21st birthday, I'm thinking to myself what about me? Okay, so yeah, I'm pregnant, can't drink, probably shouldn't be up all night, but I want to have fun, too. So here's my question to you, is it wrong to feel left out on 'guys night out'. For a single moment in my mind, I'm thinking to myself, I'm pregnant, and these bars they are going to will be full of young, beautiful single women. now, not that I'm not young and pretty, but it was the pregnancy blip in my mind. Lol...I'm not upset at him for going, and I infact encourage him to. At least he'll have a good time. In the hours between though, I find myself with a dilemma: What do I do with all the extra time on my hands now? Watch my dog chase around the cats? Play with the gerbils? I've already updated my website and promoed my butt off for as much as I can do on a Thursday. I'm fresh out of brain cells having written 3k today. Movies are alright, but when I want to sit down and watch a movie, I've already seen everything on or I don't care for whatever they are showing .Okay, so I'm picky. Here's the romance part: This would make a great comical relief for one of my stories. The pregnant wife gets left behind in favor of beer and women. Sheesh. I feel so cliche at the moment. Then again, Sean always makes up for these moments with double the love. It's why I encourage him to go. Okay, so I'm playing the guilt card, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Lol...I love my husband dearly, but sometimes men are just buttheads.