Monday, May 4, 2009

Cats Vs. Dogs

There is an all out war going on in my house! Pixie, Pumpkin and Snickers have made an allegiance. Ranger, my poor puppy, is the only one on his side. I am neutral. I call the shots as I see them. So, Ranger has finally ventured out on his own. Since he got to my house, he has stuck to my side. Now, when I am not looking, the cats are attacking. The other night, I was sitting here doing some research and promo stuff for Ivory's Addiction, and all of the sudden, there is a commotion. I look up, Ranger comes sliding into home (me) and all three of my cats are on his tail, like the infantry on a charge! LOL...poor guy. Finally, he started standing up for himself, which of course, only makes the cats madder. he barks, they swat. They swat, he chases. He chases, the claw. And around and around it goes. Pumpkin got outside recently, and I had Ranger out to use the potty. Well, here's a little of what happened. Pumpkin saw Ranger, took off. Ranger noticed the movement and gave chase. I saw Ranger, and I went after him. So around we went on the merry go round of the house, while in my night clothes mind you, raggedy old sweats and baggy t-shirt. Finally it ended with her in a tree and Ranger barking like mad. LOL. Now the cats are on the sneak attack. They hide behind curtains, covers and under the couch. When Ranger comes near, whap, he gets it across the nose. Occasionally I'll hear a loud yelp, and I know, the cats have won the battle. But something tells me Ranger will win the war. Stay tuned to find out more.