Sunday, April 26, 2009

IA and it's journey

So, TWRP rejected IA based on the children being an essential part of the story. After my initial anger, I realized that the story as is may just not be right for their company. The Distance was requested in full by the Champagne line is now under review. I hope it goes well. After the initial sting of rejection and outrage, I submitted a query to another romantica press, Amira. I queried early in the morning, and received a full request for the entire manuscript that night. I've sent it this evening, and impatiently await to hear a response, lol. I hope they like it. I hope it's not too hot, and just right for them. I don't use that bad of language, :) Anyhow, I'll keep you updated.

Oh, and we have a dog. His name is Ranger. he's a Weimaraner puppy. So cute and adorable, but very mischevious. His favorite delicacy is rocks. Yes, I said right. He eats rocks. All the Time.