Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Doing what my fellow CP's call a happy dance

No...I haven't heard back from WRP yet, but last night I participated in their open chat on Tuesdays, and got some great feedback on waiting periods, the emails I should be receiving. I got to speak with editors, authors and even one of the owners. I can't tell you how amazing in words how great it was to be accepted by authors and editors, even though I am not published.

Onto other things. My husbands last big test in EOD school is today, which means, his 12 hour days are almost over. Well, until we get to GA and he starts training for the big deployment. Again.

I think I will go ahead with the related series I planned to do with Ivory's Addiction. Maybe I will explore Axel's character next. See what he tells me about himself, find out what kind of heroin he would like to have. This is significant for me, because I usually start with the heroins desire, but I quickly discovered writing about these type of men, I've got figure out their needs before writing in the heroin's personality, flaws and passions.

I'm hoping to query the wilder rose line by the end of this month about IA. Although, I will have to check on submissions to the same publishing company before doing so. It's a different line, but I'll have to figure out if I'm okay to submit anyway. Cross your fingers, pray I finish in my time line, and hope it's not a loser!

My cats are just as always, but here I will profile Pixie. When I got Pixie, she fit in the palm of my hand, and actually ran from me. Since I am the type of person who will pursue something that runs away from me, I caught her and decided she must go home with me. I named her pixie b/c her eyes are so big, and when she was that small, all you noticed were her eyes.

Well, as Pixie grew up, I learned quickly the cat has multiple personalities. She can be sweet, over active, mean, stubborn, mischevious, mocking and even petulant. I'm serious, if she's not happy about something, she will knock over a glass full of red fruit juice all over my beige carpet, and she stares at you while doing it just to see how you react. Unfortunately, my poor carpet has suffered over her little hissy fits.

But the sweetest thing about Pixie, and of course, I love her so much, is when you're not feeling well, she is the only of my three cats who will sit with me until I am feeling better despite her own need to eat and drink water. She lays on my stomach or by my head, and does not budge. Even to the ire of Sean.

Well, I've got to go so I can grocery shop, but I just wanted to give you a bit more of info on my WIPs and tell you in depth about my three cats and how they run my life!