Monday, March 23, 2009

Maybe I should back up a little...

So, I realized though I've told you about who I am today, I have not revealed how I have become who I am. This may take a while...

When I was twelve, my older step-sister's first boyfriend broke her heart. When she told me, I thought to myself, well, maybe I can create her an alternative ending and bring a smile to her face. So, I wrote my first story ever, giving my sister the ending she would have liked.

This is when my obsession began. In highschool, my creative writing teacher, who will be first and foremost the one person I will always remember for her nuturing and postive attitude toward my writing skills. She said to me, I believe someday I will see you in print. And the seed blossomed.

Why Romance?

Because, it is in, my opinion, the only thing worth writing about. When God created man, why did he create us? To love him. From the day of our conception, we are born of a mother's love. We are introduced to love from the very beginning. So why not write about it? Let me explain a little further. Why love?

Love is the essence of life. It is the one emotion in this world we cannot do without. I'm not a liberal, I don't believe love can solve problems, but I do believe love can introduce solutions. I know from personal experience, even the strongest man or woman can fall victim to love, and be better for it, stronger for it.

My husband and I spent our first year of marriage apart, he in Iraq and me in Kosovo.

Yes, I was military myself just a year ago.

A journalist, in fact.

However, this did not feed my soul. It is my passion for creating love stories, reading them and constructing characters deserving of it that grips me. I am a slave to my bleeding heart, or some might say, but in reality, if I can put my heart into one story, then I have done something right.

So, now that you know my short, but inspiring journey, I hope you understand where the emotion and love come from. I am simply a vessel for something to be said, through my written word. I absolutely love writing about love!

Monday Morning Blues

I had hoped to hear back from the WRP today, however, my inbox didn't bring me happy news. Still nothing. The waiting game sucks, but it's still early in the day. I may just get something yummy later, or even later this week.

So, I'm not one to put much faith in my horoscope, I mean, really, but I did get a career horoscope that said I should look over contracts carefully on Apr 10th or something like that. I admit along with not changing my nail polish since I got the first email from the senior editor, and it's all chipped and yucky, (I'm a bit superstious), it made me happy. Btw, I hate looking at chipped nail polish, it's black on top of that, and I like red better. The husband and I went out, and i wore all black, so I did my nails black. Phewy.

Heres a little secret about me: Don't laugh. Well, you can laugh, it's actually kind of silly...but when I'm writing the erotic scenes for Ivory's Addiction, I have to put on red lipstick. Don't ask, but something about the red lipstick screams BAD to me, and when trying to pound out a heartracing, getting down and dirty scene, I need some back up. I also have to listen to r and b music, because let's face it, rock and metal are good for Jax's internal monologue, but for getting busy, Usher, 112 and Ginuwine take the cake. They've got some good baby-making music. I guess you could call it getting into character!

Happy news: One of my bf's had a baby over the weekend. She was in labor for thirty hours and I cannot wait to see the little bundle of joy.

Future news: Sean and I are getting ready to PCS, and that means, permanent change of station, and we're headed to GA. I had a horrible nightmare last night we were put in this dingy housing and someone broke into our house, and I cut the guys head off, and do not ask me why, but once I did, the head told me I had to carry it around with me. So, I was looking for a ziplock bag to stick this shrinking head into (yes it got smaller and smaller) to freeze it. I held with the very tips of my fingers, and everytime I noticed blood on my nails I would drop it and the thing would freak out! I don't more late night caps.

oh, the joys of being a military family.

I wonder what the head shrinker will say about that dream!

Oh, and I woke up this morning with pixe sleeping on my hair, pumpkin on my stomach, and snickers behind my legs. I was pinned. Don't you hate when that happens? I hated to disturb them, and they twitched their tales several times. Happy to report: They all fell back to sleep immediately.